Britex 23372 Trial Frame

£ 84.00 each

Specifications & Operation Instructions

1) Range of PD adjustments:

PD of both eyes 48 ~ 80mm
Left or Right PD 24 ~ 40mm
Minimum graduated value 1mm

2) Dividing disc axial graduation

Left dividing disc 1200 ~ 00 ~ 1350
Right dividing disc 450 ~ 1800 ~ 600
Axial graduation increases along the lens frame axis counter clockwise, and the graduated distance is 50.

3) Inner diameter of lens frame : F32.5mm

4) Number of lens which can be inserted into left or right lens frame simultaneously: 4 pieces

5) Degree of lens rotating around optical axis in the lens frame: 3600

6) Nonparallelism between lens´ optical axis and lens frame's geometric axis: ≤2.50

7) Non-concentricity between lens´ optical center and lens frame geometric center:≤0.5mm

8) Displacement of lens in relation to position of lens frame geometric center:≤0.3mm

9) Range of nose rest adjustment

Length 0 ~ 14mm;
Angle 0 degree ~ 30 degree

10) Range of left or right lens frame leg´s length adjustment: 98 ~ 135mm

11) Maximum interval between left and right lens frame legs: 200mm

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