To all my loyal Volk customers

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Volk have cancelled our distributorship.

(Volk wish us to raise our prices, and exhibit at trade fares and we do not see these instructions as part of our marketing strategy.)

So, effective immediately I am unable to accept your Volk orders.

I would like to thank all my customers who over the last 30 years have supported us.

I have always tried to give the best service and prices, and I hope you agree.

We are very much still here.

Britchford are official Ocular Lens distributors; supplying their complete range.

Ocular supply high quality lenses to eye doctors and optometrists and if anything, their range is more extensive than Volk. Please check them out and send us your enquiries.

I hope to hear from you soon

Geoff Bowles

Ophthalmic and Optometric Supplies

Britchford Export Ltd is an ophthalmic and optometric supply company which has been trading since 1988.

We are a "boutique" company, gifted in one specialised area, thoroughly at ease being selective, efficient and customer-orientated.

Our laudable reputation is made by supplying lenses and other products at the BEST PRICES available anywhere throughout Europe and our success is based upon superlative service and flexibility.

We supply Ocular Inc. lenses, Trial lenses and more generally a range of optometric products suited to the modern optometric practitioner.

Our regular customers include:

The British Military, leading UK and international medical supply establishments, UK based charity organisations, individual eye doctors, optometrists and students.